My name is Joel, and I am a writer, college student, theatre junkie, and psychonaut. When I feel like bragging, I tell people about my successes in playwriting. When I don't feel like bragging, I tell people how much time I waste on the internet... looking at pictures of cats... aaiiieeee.

In my admittedly brief acquaintance with psychoactives (15+ trips on various substances in 2 years) I have developed a really keen interest in the science, history, and philosophy of these life-changing substances. I do not have any formal training in most of the subjects I write about, but I am dedicated to making sure that all of the information recorded here is simple and correct. I was spending eight hours a day with my nose in books with tie-dyed covers anyway, so I decided I might as well share my knowledge with others, and this blog is the result. The name Furthur comes from the legendary bus that carted infamous psychonaut Ken Kesey around 1960s America, and in that same tradition, I hope to keep the legacy of psychedelics going strong for my own generation.

My goal with Furthur is to provide a safe meeting space for psychonauts to discuss their experiences without fear of repercussions, and also to provide information and encouragement for the curious. Here you'll be able to find articles, videos, trip reports, opinions, reviews, helpful and interesting links, and little-known facts. I don't aim to make any money, but since you can't pass me a joint through fiberoptic cable, I would love some feedback in the form of questions, comments, or suggestions.

To contact me, shoot me an e-mail at furthurxfuture@gmail.com. I also invite you to follow me by e-mail, Twitter, Google+, or Youtube: links can be found in the right-hand sidebar. Thanks so much for visiting me in my smoky little corner of the internet!