Thursday, August 4, 2011

Six Months with Furthur & Other Blog Business

August is Furthur's sixth month in operation, and it's been growing exponentially. I've had almost 3,000 views, which is way more than I ever hoped to achieve. You guys are obviously great, and I hope you continue to stick around! Let me know how I can facilitate that. :)

I'm so glad that I started blogging, because in addition to teaching me some really cool things in a variety of fields, it's really satisfying knowing that the information I'm providing is helping people out there. There's one memorable case where I got to talking to a guy around my age on a different site, and the topic of LSD came up. He was planning on trying it soon, but had a lot of questions and was having trouble finding reliable answers. I directed him here and he reported back that Furthur had really helped him out. (Shout out to you, dude! Let me know how it goes!)

In case you were curious, I haven't been posting much lately because of my four thousand other writing projects. In addition to a novel (in the works) and a book of poetry (trying to get it published) I recently started up two other blogs on Wordpress (which, I must say, is much cooler than Blogger). Don't fret-- I'm gonna start posting more regularly. I haven't forgotten you guys!

If you like Furthur, you can check out my Youtube account minna420 or find furthurxfuture on Twitter.

Once again, I invite you to help me make Furthur about you guys. PLEASE COMMENT! Ask me questions, give your opinion, share stories. Pass a joint! We're all friends here at Furthur!

A cat and some dank shit. Probably two of my favorite things in life.
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Sex on Acid vs. Sex on Shrooms

This is really a question for you guys, out of my own curiosity.

I personally prefer psilocybin sex. I am not as experienced with shrooms as I'd like to be, but on my strongest trip I was convinced I was an Aztec goddess and that my then-boyfriend was a sun god. It made for some pretty interesting fucking. On acid, my newfound Buddha-consciousness tends to distract me from what is happening around me, and I only periodically remember that I'm getting fucked. Not really worth it.

How about you? Which do you prefer? How are they different?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Weird America

Most people think that LSD died out after Woodstock, but in my experience the psychedelic culture is still going strong after half a century. Either that, or I just happen to know the entire 9.7% of the population that has tried acid. 

My generation even has its own psychedelic music movement, known as New Weird America. It combines the traditional mix of psychedelic, folk, and rock with some electronic influence often thrown in, to make something 21st century and unique. Sometimes it's also called Freak Folk, a name of which I am very fond.

Devendra Banhart, one of my favorite New Weird America artists, looking fly.
I recommend having a listen, especially if you like Mumford & Sons, MGMT, or Brewer & Shipley.

Some popular artists associated with New Weird America include:
(links go to the Last.FM page of the respective artist)
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