Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sex on Acid vs. Sex on Shrooms

This is really a question for you guys, out of my own curiosity.

I personally prefer psilocybin sex. I am not as experienced with shrooms as I'd like to be, but on my strongest trip I was convinced I was an Aztec goddess and that my then-boyfriend was a sun god. It made for some pretty interesting fucking. On acid, my newfound Buddha-consciousness tends to distract me from what is happening around me, and I only periodically remember that I'm getting fucked. Not really worth it.

How about you? Which do you prefer? How are they different?


  1. Haha, interesting question. I've never done shrooms, and on acid I feel the same as you do and so I've never had sex on it... don't think I've ever even been up for trying! Way too much other stuff going on in my mind and everything about the way my body feels changes. Still, would be interesting to try one day! =P

  2. So far I've only tried sex on acid, nd boy howdy did it completely blow my mind! Left me with the feeling that you haven't had sex properly till you've tried it tripping your socks off. I'll be trying sex on shrooms shortly so I'll report back =]


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