Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yesterday's Trip

My school has a holiday known colloquially as "Questmas." It's a day meant for the ambitious to present the results of their work over the last semester, and the rest of us are supposed to go watch. Fat chance. Most people spend it getting drunk. Since it was my first real day off in a long time, I had decided to spend this rainy day catching up on schoolwork-- but the tasty paper in my mini-fridge was too tempting.

Unfortunately, it was a really lame trip. As promised by the friend I got it from, the two tabs I took kicked in really quickly: 10-15 minutes after it hit my tongue. Instead of feeling pleasantly light-headed like usual, I felt dizzy and nauseous. I have emetophobia, so that started it off on a really bad note. I was going to hang out with a friend, but once I curled up in my boyfriend's bed, I didn't feel like going anywhere in the rain. During my last trip, I spent the comedown laying in bed and watching awesome things happen behind my eyelids, but this time it didn't work nearly as well. I did fall asleep and see a really vivid ninja battle, which was cool. I also watched Borat on the comedown, and was a little confused about how much of it was fake.

I didn't come away from my ninth trip with any insights or really any good stories, so I feel a little disappointed & disillusioned. On the bright side, I did feel energized afterwards, and realized that working halfway means that I only get to relax halfway. That was helpful when I started writing a paper.

Bonus: when my boyfriend came home from work, his first words were, "You made me high!" Apparently kissing him very soon after ingesting the acid made it wear off on him too. He described his experience (which was short & mild, but noticeable nonetheless) more eloquently than I could, so I believe him that it wasn't just psychosomatic. He described it as feeling lightheaded for about an hour, like when you stand up too fast, but still having energy to function normally. He also spent much longer than he should have appreciating the colors of his iced tea can, and studying how changing the distance from his eye changed the perspective. He's not entirely supportive of my drug choices, but we both got a good laugh out of this one, and he realized that LSD isn't as extreme or intimidating as he thought it would be. At this rate, he will be a dirty hippie in no time!