Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sight-seeing for stoners in Rochester!

This weekend I was sight-seeing in Rochester, NY with Boyfriend and decided to go see a Pink Floyd laser light show at the Strasenburgh Planetarium. If you ever find yourself in Rochester, you need to check it out.

We went high on a bowl that was almost entirely headies-kief, and the show blew my mind. I honestly wasn't sure how cool it would be, being at a place of learning that can often be really dry, but it was really cool. In addition to the regular star projector doing background things (like constellations and flying money), they had lasers (duh) doing some really cool effects, including flying parabolas, spinning mandala-type patterns, and fields of menacing gears. One effect that they did to death was to spin the stars one way and the laser patterns the other way, to increase the dizziness, but even that was really cool when paired with a tunnel to make it look like you were traveling through a worm-hole in space. I had to constantly keep myself from yelling in my enthusiasm, and it was a tough battle. I was also pleased with their music choice; instead of being Pink Floyd's most popular, it was a good mix of the most popular and the best, including a track off The Division Bell, which is my favorite album. I told Boyfriend that I now consider him ready for acid. :) Here's the link to the Planetarium's schedules page, if you want to see what's up. They apparently have a different laser show going on each month. Pink Floyd is only going until the end of the month, but in July they're doing the Beatles!

Other fun places to go non-sober in Rochester include the Strong Museum of Play. Boyfriend and I went sober, unfortunately, because the security near the museum was unfortunately very present. We spent hours playing like children, touring fantasylands, driving planes, playing guitar hero, and pretending to be superheroes. I wish I had the foresight to drop some acid before I went, particularly because of the butterfly garden. It was so special walking through a path decorated in over a thousand living butterflies, some the size of your hand. Unfortunately, butterflies apparently freak out Boyfriend so we had to leave after like five minutes. :/

Also, if it's the right time of the year, the Lilac Festival is really cool. It's outside, free, and the park is huge and beautiful. I used to smoke/trip there a lot-- the appeal is undeniable.
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