Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bathroom Theory

I have a theory that going to the bathroom is a pivotal point in any drug experience. Besides being super daunting when you're high, bathrooms are the place where everybody freaks out. Suddenly, you're alone, in a place full of pure white and clinical surfaces. A familiar task, which you've probably done a million times over your lifetime, becomes infused with strangeness. It's not until you go to the bathroom that you realize how fucked up you really are.

This video is one man's story of his bad acid trip, which is pretty funny now but probably wasn't funny at all at the time. It corroborates my theory. :)

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  1. Haha, okay, this may sounds weird, but I've always had... enjoyable... bathroom experiences on acid. What I mean is that the white walls and the bright light make the colors and patterns I see really stand out, and if there is a rug on the floor I usually see that it is "breathing." I just have a grand time.

    Great post. Going to the bathroom really is a pivotal point in any drug experience.

  2. I've only ever smoked weed (actually I took some Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds ten minutes ago, I'll see how it goes). But I have to agree. I've always felt this way when I use the bathroom while high. It's one of the few routine, everyday things that everyone is likely to have to do during a drug experience besides chilling out and as such you see it differently than other parts of the high/trip. You break it down and realize how weird your body is.


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