Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quick Trip Report: 7/28/12

One "Blotter" sheet of 225 LSD doses.
One "Blotter" sheet of 225 LSD doses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Our city had a large festival this weekend, and as such a lot of graduated or former college students came to visit, bringing with them LOTS of drugs. My friends and I were ecstatic-- we managed to buy three ten-strips at a pretty decent price, despite acid being a rarity nowadays.

Once we all dropped it, I became pretty convinced that it was NOT LSD. When I asked on Reddit, I was told that it was most likely an NBROMe, but if you believe differently once I describe it, please tell me in the comments, because I am passionately curious.

Before I really review the substance, I'd like to make a disclaimer: I barely tripped at all. Reddit and I chalk this up to uneven distribution on the strip, but I just had a small body high and a little visual distortion. I will be describing the experiences of others, mainly, based on what they say and what I observed at the time.

We were told by the dealer that it was "time capsule acid," and that they had dug it out from hiding specifically for this year's bicycle day. I was not there when they bought it, and I don't think my comrades knew that that really wasn't a selling point because LSD is such a fragile chemical. But either way, we weren't going to be picky, so we bought 3 strips for about $85 each.

By the time my group of friends and I assembled at our house in the evening, C was already tripping. Her body language had changed, and she was VERY clammy to the touch. She was startled at noises, and kept saying that she was tripping really hard. She wandered off to a friend's house, and the rest of us took our tabs. Beforehand, I should mention, that based on rumors H had heard and my own strange personal experience, we drank a shit ton of mango orange juice. J (male) took about one tab (I had to cut it myself, and was just eyeballing), I took 1.5 or 1.75, and K (also male) took two.

I immediately noticed a strong bitterness. I really couldn't stand the taste, so I swallowed it immediately and washed it down with a few french fries. As soon as this happened, I became suspicious that it wasn't LSD. LSD will normally The rest of them said it was just because the paper was dyed and we usually get plain white paper, but I know how acid tastes and how it feels in your mouth, and that wasn't it. (My immediate swallowing may also have something to do with why I didn't really trip-- thoughts?)

I also noticed some nausea. I have a phobia of vomit, so I just suppressed it and figured that it was just a product of my brain. After about an hour, I began to get kind of a body high-- just a greater sense of body integrity, and an almost play-doh feeling. By this time, J was already tripping. I know him well enough to see it in his facial expression.

About three hours after dosing ourselves, K and I went for a walk to get some Chinese food. (Another difference; I found myself able to eat and sleep on this substance.) On the walk there, I ran into an old RA of mine, and had a totally normal conversation, obviously still pretty sober. K started feeling effects at this time, and pointed out how strange to him the faces painted on the buses looked.

After another 2 hours, I noticed some visuals: shadows started to look like other things, for example, people. My behavior was also a little different: I was less shy and a little bubbly or giddy. About 6 hours after dosing, I was exhausted and went to bed. I thought a little bit about how time is money (definitely psychedelic thoughts, but nothing mind-blowing) and then went to sleep. Later in the night, when J came in and turned the lights on and off, I did have closed-eye visuals. Instead of the usual bubbly or soft LSD patterns, they were twisty and detailed and strange, closer to shrooms but less "organic." When I woke up in the morning, I had an odd "hangover." I felt like total shit. Nobody else reported this.

The next night, N and H decided to trip and I stayed up with them. It was H's first trip, and I think they took one tab each. They had already heard my theories about the substance not being LSD, and eventually agreed. N experienced some extreme nausea, and his trip kicked in within 15 minutes. He also experienced some odd temperature fluctuations like I observed with C. We just stayed up all night talking and looking at weird bugs on the internet. In the morning, he agreed that it was certainly not LSD.

If you have any experience with research chemicals, please let me know!