Friday, May 13, 2011

Pro-Legalization Politicians

I've always been really interested in politics, especially when it comes to researching social issues and forming intelligent opinions on them (partially because I'm bad at keeping up with current events). Now that I've I recently turned old enough to vote, my political thinking has become even more important to me. I have a tough time allying myself with any major political party because I disagree with most of what they say, but I definitely lean towards the left. This is partially because of my dad, who is a self-described Communist (although in practice he really isn't), a proud union man, and a supporter of the underdog (i.e. Ralph Nader, every goddamn election). However, until recently I never gave much thought to who wanted to legalize marijuana, because I figured none of them did. I guess I was wrong!

Here's a list of politicians to support:
  • Gary Johnson, the governor of New Mexico & possible presidential candidate in 2012. He's a libertarian who supports legalization from a fiscal point of view. Unfortunately, he was denied a chance to speak at a recent Republican conference, supposedly from a lack of scheduling space. Unless somebody better comes along, he's my vote!
  • Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City. This one only sort of counts, because pro-legalization is not part of his platform, but he has admitted to smoking weed and liking it. He's certainly a step up from those that deny "inhaling." His quote was featured on a slew of ads by NORML, which he didn't approve of but didn't make a big deal about either. He gets points in my book just for being honest.
  • Ron Paul, congressman of Texas and 2008 presidential candidate. He's pro-legalization as an extension of States Rights. High Times apparently wrote an article about him in their November 1988 issue