Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trying DMT Part 2

Last night, I finally got around to doing DMT. Unfortunately, I didn't really trip, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless.

It was around 11:30 before I got ahold of my friend (who, for privacy reasons, I'll just refer to as J). When J met me at my boyfriend's room, he imparted that he had tried salvia earlier that day but that nothing had happened, so DMT was still gonna be his first experience weirder than weed. Frankly, I was still really nervous, but I had spent part of the evening reading Tim Leary's The Psychedelic Experience, and found it very reassuring. Tim Leary generally makes me feel happy and peaceful, whether I have a chance to use his theories or not, so that helped.

Purely out of luck and not by choice, J's roommate (R) is the one we always go to if we want something interesting, and he was holding on to the DMT for us. It was taken for granted that we were going to smoke in their room, like we usually do, but J said that there were already lots of loud people hanging out in there and that he would rather go outside. Where I live, the weather is always terrible, and so I told him I'd rather not be outside in the mud to smoke something that causes a loss of motor control. He agreed, so we decided on my boyfriend's room, which is pretty much my room. However, when we went to R to get the DMT, he told us we should definitely go outside, because tripping inside made him feel trapped. I was willing to listen to R because of his vast experience, so that's what we ended up doing. J had borrowed a pipe, which I am told was a crack pipe, but I don't know what a crack pipe looks like. It was metal and had no carb, but I've seen weed pipes like that. In any case, we put on our raincoats and traipsed outside.

The four dorm buildings where most of my friends live are curled around one half of a big drainage pond, known dramatically as the "Lagoon." On the opposite side is a small forest, some benches, and a low stone retaining wall for a decorative garden. That spot is in full view of the campus police on the other side of the pond, but that's actually an advantage. First of all, there's a distinct dark spot in the streetlights that hides us, and secondly if anyone did decide to come investigate, we could see them coming and have ample time to skedaddle. It ended up being nicer out than it has been for a few weeks, and was only sprinkling lightly and pleasantly, making everything look clean and fresh. The rocks, however, were soaked, so I laid down my raincoat to sit on while we packed the pipe with the yellowy powder.

Boyfriend doesn't partake in anything stronger than pot, so he lit up a cigarette to pass the time, which, since he quit a few years ago, is a special treat. He had been unsure if he wanted to come along, but I told him he was more than welcome as long as he didn't get concerned or ask too many questions. There's not much that anyone can do to make my trips negative anymore, but since it was J's first trip I didn't want him to get nervous. I'm glad that Boyfriend ended up coming with us-- it was reassuring to have someone sober there, since I had no idea what to expect.

First, J took a hit and held it in for a very long time before passing it to me. The smoke didn't taste as bad as I expected it to-- kind of like burnt Mac and Cheese. It caused an immediate head rush and a pleasant lightheadedness. We repacked it and passed it back and forth a couple of times, but neither of us had a very strong experience. As I looked at the Lagoon, I noticed that the reflection from the street lamps seemed to be floating above the water. Details seen out of the corner of my eye startled me-- like the whiteness of a bus I saw across campus. The sparkle of the wet pavement took on an almost furry texture, and the mud seemed weird and rubbery. And I had the familiar full-body relaxation that all hallucinogens cause in me, but from what I gather that's the opposite of what most people experience, no matter what psychedelic they're doing. I didn't get any visuals, not even with eyes closed. The overall mindset was very clear, functional, and euphoric, with no spatial distortions or dizzyness like acid. Pretty typical of the early stages of most of my trips, but closer to my experiences with mushrooms. Since DMT is a chemical naturally involved in dreaming, I expected the trip to be dream-like, but it wasn't noticeably so.

Eventually, we decided to go back inside. On the walk back, I asked J if he had experienced anything cool, and he mumbled something about "the trees moving." He looked like he was in la-la land, with his eyes squinty and his face red, but I think it was just that he was high when our excursion began. Once we were under the streetlights, we realized that there was still a lot of powder stuck to the sides of the baggie, so we went to Boyfriend's room and finished what we had left, but aside from another initial headrush, nothing else developed. After about a half hour, the effects were gone, aside from the bodily relaxation. I slept very well, and woke up this morning (later than planned) very well-rested, as opposed to the sleeplessness of acid. 

I definitely plan on trying it again, maybe with a larger quantity and in better conditions. Now that I've had the first experience to prove that it isn't scary, I'll have an easier time with higher doses. Next time, I'll do some things differently. We were given what was supposedly enough for two people, but I think we accidentally wasted a lot, so I'll make sure to have more to smoke and to hold it in for longer. Also, the setting was the best we could hope for in our belt of lake-effect weather, but I'd rather do it in like a sun-dappled forest where I can stay for a while.

Obviously I am not an expert on this subject, but in my opinion this would be a trip that it would be fine to take alone, because the emotional tone was less sketchy and paranoid than acid. Also, full functionality was regained quickly, so this may be a good I-have-work-later-but-sure-give-me-a-hit drug. 

If you've tried it, leave me a comment to lemme know what you think!


  1. try DMT in smiking papers with smoking tobacco rub it with teh smoking tobacco the way do it with charas(HASISH) and take da trip....try and have some Psychedelic muzik around...the journey will be more wonderfulllllll......OM SHANTI.....

    1. Thanks! I'm usually pretty sensitive to tobacco but once I get ahold of some more DMT I'll give this a try. :)

  2. you should really do it with an maoi, like changa, it creates a much more pleasurable experience and the most fantastic visuals you will ever see. read up on changa, it's magical


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