Friday, July 22, 2011

Psychedelic Artist Alex Grey

You don't need to be tripping to appreciate Alex Grey's intricate artwork, because he will take you there himself. He combines his passion for artwork with his medical knowledge of anatomy and with the insights from his drug experiences.

His most acclaimed series, Sacred Mirrors, invites introspection through depictions of various ways of looking at the self. It took him ten years to complete. Much of his artwork continues in the same style.

I love the way that he states complex concepts in a manner that is both beautiful and non-lecturing. His paintings go past the literal, and they say to me a lot about the miracle of life and the beauty of science. The fact that we understand the tiny tickings of our bodies doesn't diminish how transcendent our bodily experiences can be.

To hear about his life, artwork, and philosophy from the man himself, here's an interview that will also show you a lot of his best works. Listening to him speak is great, because even though his artwork is pretty far-out, he doesn't conform to the stereotype of a spacey, strung-out artist. He is eloquent and cohesive, and a pleasure to listen to.

Here's another one about his Ayahuasca experience:

Alex Grey makes me wish I was an artist, because words can't describe the things that he shows so eloquently. All I can hope for is to someday be as intelligent and thoughtful as he is. Wish me luck, I'll need it!
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